I have something inside of me that wants to celebrate. I always love birthday parties, holidays, celebrating someone’s achievements or the excitement of welcoming a new baby! It’s how my mom is and I feel like it is a part of who I am. The reason behind Heads Up with Jess is because I saw a need to bring attention to the inspiration and awesome qualities of so many women I am surrounded by. Instead of being on social media and comparing ourselves with what we “think” someone’s life is like, let’s hear the behind the scenes stories of their struggles, triumphs, everyday lives and celebrate everything they conquer in a day! I created this series of women who are collectively entrepreneurs, mommy bloggers, juggling kids or social media gurus all doing their thing. They were each willing to share their ups and downs of their lives and give me inside tips on how they manage it all or what they really hope to work on! If you’re anything like me you may at times be looking at images on social media and think “She must have 36 hours in a day to just be that awesome! I am not doing anything as awesome as her!” Well, let’s change that. Let’s find the things we love about ourselves and celebrate them! If I can be happy to celebrate others then I should definitely find reasons to be confident and celebrate myself instead of comparing!
I loved in the interviews how someone like Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked told me she has social anxiety! What! Never would I have known from social media. She was open, kind and just a completely awesome boss lady! Or how Anna from @kidsaretheworst is hilarious but she was willing to share the critical comments she receives about her accounts and how she has learned to just let it be water under the bridge! She keeps doing her thing!
I hope you find inspiration, laugh, cry and enjoy every second of this series! Season one of Heads Up with Jess is something you won’t want to miss! Now go celebrate yourself and the awesome people around you!!!

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